FOR REAL is a fashion brand based on a modern street culture. We design and make streetwear. We get inspiration from everything we experience and see, the products are only made from the best quality fabric. We present an exclusive clothing line, made for everyone.


About the rhinos:

The current rhino poaching crisis occurred in 2008, with increasing numbers of rhino killed for their horn throughout Africa until 2015. Thankfully, there has been a decrease in the number of rhinos poached across Africa since the peak of 1,349 in 2015.

Yet, two and a half rhinos are still killed every single day. FOR REAL find it necessary to help these animals. But we can't protect rhinos without your help. That is why 10% of our profit goes directly to organizations that combat rhino poaching.

Having well-trained and equipped rangers is an important start. A secure habitat and good rhino monitoring too. This is so that we know exactly where the rhinos are, and how they’re breeding.

With your support, we can reduce these poaching numbers in the future. For more information please go to www.savetherhino.org



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